Help Downloading

Updated: 15-Jun-2024
Help Downloading
Install BitTorrent Client
To download from MagnetDL you need to install what's called a BitTorrent Client. We recommend uTorrent because it has full support for magnet links. It's free and file size is small so you should be able to download it quickly. Once the download is complete, double click the file and follow the simple step by step installation. Make sure to untick any boxes that want you to install optional extras (they can be sneaky). Once installed, you can also disable any ads by going to: Options > Preferences > Advanced. There are guides on the web that tell you specifically what settings need to be changed. We also have an optional uTorrent Search Plugin so you can search MagnetDL from within uTorrent.

Searching On MagnetDL
When searching MagnetDL generally all words you put in the search query will be used. Our search is case-insensitive. This means a search for "your search query" is the same as "Your Search Query". If searching for a specific TV Show and Episode, eg: S02E13 is shortcut for Season 02, Episode 13. This has become a standard for uploaders when they create the title of the download.

If searching for a Movie then using keywords like "BRRip" or "BDRip", "1080p" or "720p", "AC3" or "AAC" or "DTS" can be helpful to return more specific search results. A common misconception among downloaders is that BDRip and BRRip are the same thing. They differ in that a BDRip comes directly from the Blu-Ray source, while a BRRip is encoded from a pre-release, usually a 1080p BDRip from another group. 1080p/720p is the amount of horizontal lines of pixels and means an aspect ratio (AR) of 16:9 (1.78:1). AC3/AAC/DTS denotes the way in which the audio has been encoded. DTS is the better of these three formats but your media device may not support it. All these formats support 6-channel (5.1 surround sound). Some older home theatre A/V receivers won't handle AAC very well. It will probably receive the audio stream as 2-channel (stereo) even if you are giving it 5.1 AAC. If stereo then it can be split into 5.1 using the "Dolby ProLogic II" mode on your A/V receiver. Most A/V receivers do support AC3 (AC-3) audio. Eg: AC-3 5.1 will output at 5.1 as intended and usually show on the A/V receiver as "Dolby Digital 5.1". Some audio devices and media players also support E-AC-3 (Enhanced-AC-3) which is Dolby Digital Plus (DD+). E-AC-3 has support for more audio channels and offers increased bitrates (compared to the AC-3 maximum of 640 kbit/s).

For Movie/TV downloads the most common file formats are MP4 (.mp4) and MKV (.mkv) which are like a "container" which contain video and audio streams (and sometimes subtitles). The format you prefer will depend on what your device(s) can play.

You will notice the red magnet icon at the left of each download title. This is a direct download link for convenience. This means clicking a magnet icon will automatically open your BitTorrent client to start downloading. You will also notice the SE (Seeders) and LE (Leechers) columns. Seeders means the number of users who are currently sharing the download. Leechers means the number of users who are currently downloading it. Generally you want a healthy number of seeders so you have more sources to download from. If the SE (Seeders) column is zero you may struggle to download the content successfully.

For your convenience you can sort your search result by: Age, Type, Files, Size, SE, LE, and you can do it either Ascending or Descending. Eg: Sorting by Size can allow you to see which download has the largest file size. Sorting by SE can allow you to see which download has the highest number of seeders.

Viewing Download Information
When you click a blue download link in the search results you will be able to see comprehensive download information. In particular, you will be able to see the file list information to give you a better idea of what exactly you are downloading. It also shows the file size of each individual file in the download. You can also share the download page with friends by posting on social network sites.

When you see the "More Info" field you should always click on the INFO link to view more information. These are sometimes extremely important because they can provide instructions on how to install the file(s) you download. If it's a music download it can contain the track listings and the bitrate quality of the tracks. If it's a Movie download it can contain the language spoken and languages texted, as well as the video and audio quality. Some downloads also have an IMDB link so you can view further information.

Downloading Files
With magnet links, when you add a download to your BitTorrent client you will usually only see the name of the download. The files and size will be blank. This is because that information is unknown by the download client until you proceed to download. Once your download begins this information will become available. It has to collect it from seeders who already have this download. If there are some files in the archive you do not wish to download you can click the "Files" tab, right click on the file you don't want to download and click "Don't Download".

If you have trouble downloading, click on the "Trackers" tab and make sure the "status" of everything is working. If DHT, Local Peer Discovery, or Peer Exchange are not working you may need to change the settings. Go to: Options > Preferences > BitTorrent. Ensure "Enable DHT Network", "Enable DHT for new torrents", "Enable Local Peer Discovery", and "Enable Peer Exchange" are all ticked.

Security Measures
We recommend you scan any file(s) you download from the Internet. AVG, BitDefender, NOD32, Kaspersky AntiVirus are some examples of antivirus software. If you don't scan your files with antivirus software there is a chance your computer can be infected. Usually you don't need to do this manually. Your antivirus should automatically scan any file you download. Although we try to only link to downloads that have reputable uploaders we are unable to guarantee every file is a safe one.

After Downloading
Many files you download will be compressed into RAR (eg: .rar, .r01) or ZIP (eg: .zip) archives. To extract these files we recommend WinRAR. Having WinRAR installed on your system is convenient if you plan on downloading these types of files often. Your download is usually split into parts (eg, .rar, .r01, .r02, etc). You need to download all parts before attempting to extract the file. When all parts are downloaded, ensure they have been all saved in one folder. Then you can simply double-click on one of the files and it will open WinRAR. You can then extract (decompress) these files (parts).

With movie files we recommend VLC Media Player. It is completely free to download with zero spyware and can handle just about any movie format you throw at it. You will notice most movie files are in MP4 (.mp4) or MKV (.mkv) format - both of which VLC can easily handle. It plays most codecs with no codec packs required. Eg: X264, X265/HEVC, DivX, XviD, MPEG-2, MPEG-4.

If the above sounds like jargon to you - don't worry! If it seems complex it really isn't. Once you do this once or twice you will be a professional at downloading from MagnetDL!

Accessing MagnetDL
If for some reason you are unable to access the MagnetDL main domain then we also have the MagnetDL Mirror as a second option. For those who like to use the Tor network a MagnetDL Tor link is available. Also useful if the domains are inaccessible.

MagnetDL Donations
If you like MagnetDL and want to show your support then please Donate via Bitcoin. Any amount is much appreciated and will go towards the ongoing cost of running the site. A lot of time is spent maintaining the database and running the server. If you are unable to use bitcoin then following the sponsor/affiliate download links is a good way to support the site.

Contacting MagnetDL
If you would like to contact MagnetDL you can do so via our Contact form.

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